Our Services

We are not one size fits all - S.O.S. will optimize any space in your home, with style and create a sustainable system tailored specifically to your wants and needs.

Well Organized Closet

Pretty with Purpose

Let's make any of your spaces aesthetically pleasing - closet, pantry, garage, attic, playroom, kitchen. It can all be beautiful and placed with purpose. 


Estate with Care

Processing a death or relocating a loved one to a nursing home is the most difficult thing to do. Allow me to be a third party service to assist in keeping, selling, and  placement of items with great care.


Home Office, Home School, Home Everything

Due to Coronavirus, our home is expected to serve more purposes than ever.. simultaneously. Let's create the multi-purpose space you need for your office, home school, and playroom zone so everyone can be successful. 

Gold Wedding Rings

I Thee Wed.. We're Keeping MY Coffee Maker

Two becoming one - of everything! Two couches, toasters, COFFEE MAKERS! Wedding planning is stressful enough, let me eliminate the frustrations around moving in together and deciding on appliances. 


Oh My Attic

"Put it in the attic" or "throw it in the garage" Twenty-seven years later, never had a yard sale. Let's go through these things, organize a keep, sale, donate and ACTUALLY have a yard sale. Get your space back, park your car in the garage, and get paid!